Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Cult of 9-11 Denial

Mary MacAlveen is back with another column touching on a topic we've discussed quite often around here:

I often wonder if those who believe in conspiracy theories act in a cult like fashion in which anyone who questions the group as a whole is often shunned. One definition of a cult is a small group of devotees. In challenging the conspiracies that surround 9/11 even though I said I would not address this issue again, I felt the need to. It was in challenging these beliefs I was told by someone that I was in the minority and as stated previously, I asked; who was this person polling.

I will state again that while in the beginning I too believed in these theories, I had to open my mind to other possibilities which brought about the devastation of that day. In speaking to so many people outside the Internet community, I did not find one who did believe that it was a grand conspiracy perpetrated by our government. When I relayed to most of the people I spoke with that certain articles were being circulated around the Internet that Virginia Tech was a perpetrated by the government, it was met with complete outrage and disgust. I stated to those I conversed with, do not shoot the messenger, meaning me. But, they were dumbfounded.

She takes on Loose Change and mentions the Screw Loose Change movie, and Debunking 9-11.

Some excellent discussion of controlled demolition, especially this very telling point:

In this feed: which was NOT a CDI (Controlled Demolitions Incorporated) project, you will clearly see how the building is first weakened throughout the structure through a series of timed and sequential blasts. But at the bottom is the major blast which takes down the building. Please tell me if any janitor at the bottom of the Twin Towers could live to tell about it. The answer is no. Also take note of the sounds coming from that structure as they are blowing it. In the case of all of the towers, you did not hear anything like that.

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