Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Jason Bermas and Campaign Finance Reform

Oh, for chrissakes! The researcher and spokesman for the Loose Change boys:

"Hopefully we'll find the people with the stomach to do this and then basically we find and prosecute these people from within," Bermas says.

"And then the ultimate goal, in my eyes, is that we need to take special interest money out of lobbyist's hands. We can't corporatize the government like we are right now. Basically, you can't become a Senator or a Congressman unless you're backed by some kind of huge special interest. We need to put it in the hands of regular people and pay them a regular wage. We can't entice people who want power into office. We need to bring back checks and balances. We used to have that in this country. It's a slow road, but you've got to start from within. I really, really feel like we can do it."

Simply amazing!

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