Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Nativism and Anti-Semitism

I remarked just a couple of posts ago that maybe David Ray Griffin cites Christopher Bollyn not despite his clear anti-semitism, but because of it. And as if on cue, another major 9-11 Crackpot, George Washington, aka Alex Floum demonstrates the same in a startlingly jingoistic post:

If a foreign invader tries to seize someone's home, destroy him and his way of life, that person is going to fight hard to repel the invader. History has shown that people fight harder to defend their home and town from foreign invaders than in any other situation.

Well, foreign invaders are trying to destroy my way of life. Some of the invaders - many of whom call themselves "neocons" - have dual citizenship, and their loyalty lies primarily with the foreign nation.

Give us a hint, here, Alex. Are you talking about the Jooooooos?

I was born in the U.S. and I've spent my entire life here. This is my home. I am not willing to let these foreigners, these burglars, these invaders, take my home and my way of life away without a fight.

I'm beginning to think we ought to start looking at who's not an anti-semite in this movement; it would probably take less time.

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