Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Loosers' View Appearance

Longtime friend of this blog, Damian Penny discusses the program, still shown on ABC's schedule for tomorrow. Although Dylan and Jason have both indicated that their appearance has been pushed back, this may be an effort to slide in under the radar and avoid the controversy that resulted in Virgin Atlantic "pulling" their video and Mark Cuban backing out of a production deal. I do note that over at 9-11 Blogger the show is still being promoted, with DZ commenting:

There are unconfirmed rumors about a guest list change, but these aren't solid enough to be public.. I have promises that we will be the first to know if it does change for sure, but for now The View site still officially has the guest list above..

Damian has some excellent suggestions for Elisabeth:

Before the Loosers show up on The View, I strongly advise Hasselbeck to take a crash course in 9/11 conspiracy debunking. She can start by watching Screw Loose Change: The Not Freakin’ Again Edition, an annotated rebuttal film which can be viewed here. The blogs Screw Loose Change (not affiliated with the movie) and 9/11 Conspiracy Smasher do a superb job of keeping tabs on the Loosers’ constantly mutating conspiracy theories, and 911Myths features detailed, sensible explanations for nearly every so-called “anomaly” in the so-called “official story” of September 11.

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