Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Maybe Griffin is COINTELPRO?

I don't know how else to interpret this. At the Vancouver speech that James linked to a little earlier, Griffin actually cites Flight 93 revealed as a terrific book. I talked about this book yesterday; it's hilariously bad, with a glaring mistake in the very first sentence!

At 36:25, Griffin says:

"By the way, you can read this and many other fascinating facts about this flight, Flight 93, in the best book written about this flight which happens to be written by one of your neighbors, Rowland Morgan, and I believe he's here tonight. Rowland, if you are, would you stand up so we can see you? There he is! (Applause) So let me suggest you get his book, Flight 93 Revealed and you will learn a lot."

Yeah, like the fact that Flight 93 originated out of Boston and not Newark, as everybody else has been duped into believing! Or that Delta, which is based out of Atlanta, is a Texas company. Or that plane debris was found eight miles upwind of the crash site!

I had originally laughed this book off as a cheap, shoddy attempt to wangle $12.95 out of the conspiracy nutbars; now I laugh it off as a cheap, shoddy attempt to wangle $12.95 out of the conspiracy nutbars that is endorsed by the high priest of 9-11 crackpottery.

We haven't done the Nutbar-O-Meter on Griffin yet:

Raving loony is what I'd call him.

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