Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Newly Noted: 9-11 Clowns

Here's an interesting site for poking fun at the 9-11 Doofuses. Check out the current "Clown of the Day", Leland Lehrman, a grandson of one of the founders of Time, Inc., and a great grandson of a Skull & Bonesman.

Leland Lehrman's close ties to Hoffman and Hufschmid come along with a crusade against Jews with support shown here to bring the whole race, or cult, to task for the crimes of the few. Leland Lehrman has joined the Jew Baiters society and wrote a “compelling” paper called “The Absolute Best Authentications Of The Protocols Of Zion.” Those of you who wish to get a good laugh at a 911 Clown check it out.

I am unsure if the writer is a legitimate debunker, or just a believer in one of the many other factions of 9-11 Denial. He uses the term "butter brain" which is a favorite of our old buddy Nico Haupt, and this causes some concern:

Leland Lehrman is also claimed to be one of the leaders of the political forces in New Mexico pushing the limited hangout conspiricist Kucinich for national office to bring 'Butter Brains' mainstream.

Still, an entertaining site.

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