Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Reichstag Fire Was Not An Inside Job!

According to this excellent post by says Orac.

No historian (or even proponents of the viewpoint that the Nazis were involved) seriously proposes that Hitler was involved. In fact, all the known contemporaneous accounts of what happened when Hitler learned of the fire suggest otherwise, given Hitler's surprise and dismay upon learning of the news. His reaction has to be remembered in the context of the times. The Nazi Party was not yet in full control, and Hitler and his cronies had been fearing since they took power that the Communists would try to incite unrest and overthrow the fledgling goverment. They saw the Reichstag fire as the signal for the long-feared Communist revolt to begin.

Solid logic and sources on one of the most common examples used by the 9-11 Deniers of false-flag operations, that turns out to be not false-flag at all.