Tuesday, May 29, 2007

They Let the Bounty Hunter Back in the Country

Kevin Barrett is back from his bounty hunter stint in Morocco and talking about it on one of his nutjob radio shows.. To no surprise, he did not find 9/11 hijacker Waleed Mohammed Al-Shehri, who died 5 1/2 years ago when his hijacked plane crashed into the World Trade Center. Neither did he find Saudi pilot Waleed Ahmed Al-Shehri. He says his investigation revealed that Al-Shehri never worked for the Moroccon airline, but may have worked for the Saudi airline, and he got a local journalist to continue to investigate the situation.

Barrett also mentioned that he doesn't think the BBC, which started this whole story, actually investigated it directly. Duh, read the freaking BBC article (emphasis added).

He told journalists there that he had nothing to do with the attacks on New York and Washington, and had been in Morocco when they happened. He has contacted both the Saudi and American authorities, according to Saudi press reports.

He is still talking, but I don't think I will listen to the whole two hours. Barrett did add that he thought that all of the families of the hijackers had said that they don't believe that their sons were involved. Funny how he brought that up, because his family had this to say:

The Al-Shehri brothers, who studied at Abha Teacher Training College, seem to have come under similar influence.

"They were ordinary guys, then they changed," said one of their cousins. "It's not unusual here for a man to change overnight from being carefree to being religious. It was a kind of Islamic awakening. They heard sermons from people who came back from jihad in Afghanistan."

The brothers disappeared for two or three months in 1999, travelling to Medina. "When they came back they were different," said their cousin. "They had grown beards and were deeply religious. They had their own group of people and had become very secretive."

In December 2000 they disappeared again, this time to Afghanistan with Al-Nami and Al-Ghamdi. The next the family heard of them was reading their names among the hijackers.

"When we read their names we were very proud because the black hand of Americans are in everything," said their cousin. "I don't think my cousins were exploited. I think they did it out of their own convictions."

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