Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Virgin Atlantic to Carry Loose Change?

I've kind of ignored this story, but apparently Virgin Atlantic is going to start carrying DVDs of Loose Change for their inflight movies. Not sure if it's going to be shown to entire flights, or if the idea is that passengers can order their own film. I'd be stunned if it's the former; does an airline really think that showing 9-11 crackpottery is not going to get their customers angry?

Ghost of a Flea says he's done flying Virgin or buying any of their products.

The Jawa Report wonders what's next for Virgin Atlantic; Holocaust Denier films?

Little Green Footballs suggests a Leni Riefenstahl retrospective.

Update: Newsbusters sees this as an example of corporate liberalism. I hate to keep splitting this hair, but while it is probably true that more Truthers are left of center than right of center, a majority of liberals find this nonsense just as kooky as the rest of us. This is a lunatic fringe conspiracy theory and it is arguable that the congressman who supports it most (and is supported by the "Truthers" most) is libertarian Republican Ron Paul.

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