Friday, June 08, 2007

Another Terrific TV Debate

Keith Irvin, a Debunker with the JREF Forum, debated a gentleman improbably named Khalid Rosenbaum, on a public access TV show called OrwelliaNation.

Keith does a marvelous job here, while Rosenbaum recycles stuff like "the hijackers are alive!" There will apparently be a second episode as well, looking forward to it!

One thing that both sides get wrong; Hanjour was not training at Freeway Airport. He tried to rent a plane there, and the airport's insurance required them to certify that he was a capable pilot, so they sent a couple instructors aloft with him. Reportedly they took three flights with him before deciding not to rent him a plane, which certainly does not comport with the claim that he could not fly at all. It does fit with Marcel Bernard's description of him having average to below-average piloting skills.

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