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Former Official John Kerry Blogger Hops on the "Truther" Express

She didn't write the article herself, but she's the editor and chips in with a commendatory comment. The Democratic Daily, a blog edited by Pamela Leavey, endorses the crackpot mockumentary, 9-11 Press for Truth.

Pamela Leavey describes herself as follows:

Pamela Leavey was a writer for the 2004 Campaign Blog from August ‘03 through the 2004 election cycle. She was one of the top three contributors to the Kerry campaign blog.

Deciding it was time to be actively involved in changing America’s direction, Pamela started blogging about John Kerry on the Unofficial Kerry Blog in Spring ‘03, prior to the Unofficial Kerry Blog, Pamela was an active participant on many Democratic Yahoo Groups. The Kerry campaign contacted her in July ‘03 to write for the Campaign Blog. Her early contributions to the Kerry Campaign Blog included California grassroots coverage of campaign events were followed by a quick transition to writing on national campaign news and events, as well as commentary on the issues. Pamela was also the Blog Admin Assistant to Blogmaster Dick Bell, serving as a moderator of the Blog and Forum.

Ginny Cotts, apparently a contributor over there although she's not listed among the regulars (DOH--Ginny=Virginia), chips in a rave review of 9-11 Press for Truth. You may recall that we suffered through part of this movie before giving it up as hopelessly nutty. Here I discuss how they get the Payne Stewart response time wrong. Here I discuss how they get into the WTC 7 madness. We talked about some of the sourcing problems here.

Cotts, of course, knows of none of these flaws, not that she would care:

I will digress to disclose that my personal review of the 9/11 research and questions convinced me over a year ago that the official conspiracy theory (religious fundamentalists from the Middle East conspired to hijack the planes and fly them into the buildings, causing them to collapse) can only be partly correct. The rest of the story is far too important to be left unquestioned.

The usual OCT crap. Ginny, it's not a conspiracy theory unless it's crackpot. You know, the whole Loose Change bit.

It is important for Americans to find out why the official reports by FEMA and NIST have failed to substantiate the official explanation, yet no further investigations have been ordered. If we do not truly know why or how the buildings failed, we can hardly defend ourselves, or prevent another tragedy and all that ensues.

The NIST report is the official explanation. Ginny talks about structural engineers as if a lot of them were asking questions. All the structural engineers are on the side of the official explanation. That's why it's the official explanation.

If the anti-aircraft missles on and around the Pentagon couldn’t be fired in time, is there any point in building the Star Wars system? If for no other reason than accounting for the taxes we’ve spent on NORAD, this question requires a real clear answer. I suggest asking the pilots.

Ah, yes, those anti-aircraft missle (sic) batteries on and around the Pentagon that we continually hear about and yet nobody has actually found a photograph showing them. Are they hidden underground and in the roof?

What they ask in this movie is exactly what must happen. Americans have to start telling their Congressional representatives to instigate another investigation. Almost none of the members of the previous investigation, or any of the FEMA and NIST researchers, should be involved. The exception is Max Cleland who resigned early, calling the investigation a fraud.

Max Cleland resigned because he was given an appointment by President Bush (to the Ex-Im Bank IIRC). The Kean/Hamilton book makes it clear that Max Cleland's problem with the 9-11 Commission was that it didn't want to study the reasons for the Iraq War. One would think that the 9-11 families would oppose this because it is getting away from the topic at hand, but of course these aren't just 9-11 families, these are those 9-11 families who hate Bush.

Press for Truth manages to avoid some of the goofier aspects of 9-11 Denial, but the Deniers love it just the same; Dylan Avery recommends it as a better intro to the "Truth" than his own film.

Note as well, the recommended sites for further research:

Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice
Journal of 911 Studies
9-11 Review
9-11 Research
Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth
Complete 911 Timeline

All crackpot sites with the arguable exception of the Timeline, which is only partially nutter.

The former official Kerry blogger chimes in with a comment:

This is one of those things that the average American doesn’t want to know about and the government like so many other things doesn’t want Americans to know about.

I didn’t know Brave New Theaters was promoting this. That means it’s getting a little more attention now. Good deal.

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