Friday, June 22, 2007

What Politician Wants the Screw Loose Change Endorsement?

Okay, after wincing at that John McCain video that James linked a couple of posts ago, I have decided it is time for Screw Loose Change to offer its endorsement for President of the United States of America. And we do mean offer! Screw Loose Change is prepared to endorse as a blog (and not James or me personally) the first major party political candidate that calls out these creeps on one of their videos. John McCain is our natural candidate; after all, he wrote the introduction to the Popular Mechanics book.

But when presented with a chance to nail it down, McCain instead opted for humor. Thus far, the only candidate who has even quibbled with the kooks mildly is Barack Obama. So our endorsement is up for grabs.

There is a way to battle these kooks without knowing the arcana that they bring up, and my suggested response to these people is along these lines:

"I know you think you're noble patriots, but you're wrong. What you claim is not only mistaken, but it's damaging to the country, damaging to our image both abroad and at home. If you had any real evidence against the Bush Administration, the press would have covered it; instead you have grainy videos and carefully selected and misleading quotes. I'm not going to get into the details of what you claim because it's been refuted time after time."

There is no significant downside to a Republican candidate taking on these kooks and denouncing them for what they are. For the right Democrat, this could be a Sister Soljah moment.

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