Monday, August 20, 2007


Brussels' Socialist Mayor has issued pronouncements banning any 9-11 demonstrations in his city. No, not the crackpot "Truther" demonstrations but:

1. A moment of silence for the victims.

The Brussels mayor, the Socialist Freddy Thielemans, has, on 9th of August 2007 sent out a press release in which he has banned a demonstration with a minute of silence to commemorate the victims of 9/11 on the 11th sept in Brussels. The reason for the prohibition is that he says he cannot guarantee public safety and that he won’t disturb the Islamic section of the population in Brussels.

2. Any attempt to blame 9-11 on Islamics.

Brussels mayor Freddy Thielemans has banned a planned protest against the so-called “Islamisation of Europe” on September 11, the 6th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the United States.

But he will allow one demonstration to go forward:

They informed that the mayor Freddy Thielemans had just given permission to a demonstration/march on sunday Sept. the 9th. in Brussels. The demonstration will proclaim that it wasn’t Islamists but Americans and Jews who stood behind the act of terrorisms against World Trade Center on Sep. the 11th 2001.

The demonstration will move from Brussels northern station to the southern in protest against “Georges Bush’s involvement with the 9/11 2001 terror attack’s in New York and on the Pentagon”.

The demonstration is led by a left-wing anti-American group who calls itself “United for truth” and that works with conspiracy theories.

Update: And the BBC changes a plotline:

The first show of the hospital drama's new series was to have featured a storyline about an explosion caused by Islamic extremists.

Now the bomb will be set off by animal rights campaigners instead.

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