Monday, August 20, 2007

The History Channel Special

I'm watching it late. Initial impressions:

Dylan should not have popped that pimple. Uncle Fetzer shaved the muttonchops! (Update: but they seem to be growing back).

Kudos for showing that steaming pile 9-11 Press for Truth under the CT movies. I am sure that Kyle Hence and his LIHOP-lites will demand a retraction, but as we have discussed, 9-11 PfT is full-on nutter.

Terrific pounding being taken by the kooks in the first half hour!

Heheh, terrific visual on DRG segment--empty bookcases surrounding him.

Later: OMG this is the dream debunking piece. It's Hiroshima for the Truthers.

Clunkety Clunk! ROFL!

Okay, bad graphic into the Pentagon with the plane hitting well above the second floor at a ridiculously wrong angle. Cripes, how much you want to bet the kooks at CIT are celebrating now? Yes, the plane completely missed the frigging light poles. How do you screw that up?

Val McClatchey gets a bit; we'll assume we won't see Killclown.

Overall: Devastating blow for most of the kooks; ironically the CIT nuts get a little thrill as their theory at least gets a little boost. The cumulative effect is pretty overwhelming. The voicemorphed calls thing gets smashed in their faces. Awesome, absolutely the most satisfying moment in a very satisfying two hours!

Later still: Cripes, how did they manage to show the smoke being sucked back into WTC 7? Somebody in their graphics department bought one of the Truther videos which showed things in reverse.

Update III: Devastating to the Truthers. Nice to see even a brief bit of Mark Roberts and we've always loved Sentinel's performance in the 9-11-05 video. Some minor errors in video and graphics marred what was otherwise a note-perfect takedown of the kook patrol.

Update IV: It will fairly be pointed out by the kooks that there's no mention of thermite/thermate. Hence expect Steven Jones to move forward a step. The Loose Change boys didn't take a shot across the bow; they took one amidships. The CIT kooks somehow get an animator to breathe some life into their crackpot theories about North of the Citgo.

Otherwise the play was quite satisfactory, reported Mrs Lincoln.

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