Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dramatic 9-11 South Tower Footage

A new video has surfaced; our buddy Jay pointed to this in the comments yesterday, but it disappeared by the time I could clear some space on this computer to watch it. It's about 13 minutes long and appears to start around 8:56 AM on 9-11. The cameraman is standing between the Post Office and WTC 7 about midway through the footage when Flight 175 impacts the South Tower. Unfortunately because of the location they do not get any footage of the plane or the fireball, but they do get the tremendous noise and the sound of large chunks of debris falling around them, which is obviously quite frightening.

There are several shots of the jumpers; that footage doesn't get any easier to watch. Because of the proximity of the camera you really get a feel for how fast those bodies were falling.

Lots of profanity, appropriate but maybe not safe for work. Some of the kooks seem to see something in the North Tower fire just before the plane hits; another points out the rather ironic "Manhattan Demolition" garbage truck that appears at one point.