Sunday, September 09, 2007

More On "Wild Bill" Deagle

Dr. William Deagle has quickly shot to the top of the charts as the nuttiest person in the 9/11 truth movement. He gets a feature article in a Halifax newspaper, which shows even more of his insanity than we have pointed out here. Screw Loose Change even gets a short mention towards the end (we are big in Canada, eh) and thankfully, as it points out he is no longer a practising physician, for good reason.

The story of that gift begins on Saturday, April 24, 1999, when an angelic visitor first appeared while Deagle was praying. "I prayed in tongues privately and, as always, heard the immediate translation in English of the audible voice of God," Deagle wrote of the experience. "God said, "If you are obedient and seek wisdom in prayer tonight, I will reveal to you a great revelation. Go to your vitamin cabinet and take two specific nutrient capsules and pray until you are sound asleep, and I will send forth the angel Gabriel from the Throne Room to show you what you must tell My People!!'" (Strange as it might seem, those "specific" nutrient capsules may have been significant. Read on...)

Gabriel then whisked Deagle off to Kosovo where he not only saw the devastation that war had brought there but also the inside of a "baroque ornate room with high ceilings and chandeliers" where Yugoslav president Slobidan [sic] Milosevic was arguing with a Russian diplomat. Before Deagle could settle in for the discussion, Gabriel hustled him off to a basement room at the White House where Bill Clinton and his advisors were gloating over the success of their effort to demonize Milosevic.

Then, with barely a breath, Bill and Gabe were standing on "a cobbled street in a quaint German city" watching a parade of soldiers wearing blue hats who were marching, Nazi-like, past a reviewing stand while a crowd chanted, "Hail the United Nations World Armed Forces!!

"That, Gabriel confided, was what Kosovo was really all about: another step in the creation of a new world order... The New World Order... The New World Disorder...

All of this does not cause others in the truth movement to disassociate from him of course:

He also claims, of course, to have been a member of what he calls "the inner circle," a claim some of those in the conspiracy world who interview him are quick to pick up on on. Alex Jones, who hosts another popular internet radio all-conspiracy-all-the-time program, introduced Deagle on his show as a man who had "worked for the government at every level...So much of his bio is classified..."

Deagle plays on the power of that mystery, claiming American Special Ops buddies and contacts in high places who tell him things unknown even to the most plugged in. "Senators on the armed forces committee," he boasted to Jones's listeners, "don't know what I know."

Many thanks to the reader who forwarded this great article to me.