Monday, September 17, 2007

One Problem the Young Troofers Have

Is that they don't know their history. Check out this video of the Seattle kooks in New York City:

At about 8:25 remaining, the kid says:

"Foreign policy? Nothing you're going to find in a newspaper or anything like that but between 1989 and 1992, we decided to give Osama Bin Laden $20 billion to fight the Russians in Afghanistan...."

Well, he's right about one thing; that's nothing you're going to find in a newspaper or anything. Remember, this is presumably edited video from a whole week's worth of kookery, and the first thing out of his mouth is a stupid lie. For starters, the Soviet/Afghanistan war ended in early 1989, although it was effectively over before that. The US didn't fund Osama bin Laden; this has been debunked by CNN.

We get more disinfo from one of Luke's troops with about 6:25 to go as Tim Myer describes WTC-7 as a "48-story building", and instructs them to look up John Schroeder's claims (apparently unaware that Schroeder has nothing to say about WTC-7.

Tom Foti raves for a bit about the microchips in our arms with 5:25 left. At this point I'm thinking we've got a classic self-debunking video. And Foti delivers; somehow David Rockefeller is behind it all because dundundun he built the buildings in the first place.

Of course, how fiendishly clever!

Update: More on the Soviet pullout from Afghanistan here.

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