Sunday, September 16, 2007

Not Really CT-Related, But

It touches on some issues that I thought were worth talking about. The post starts out well:

I was just reading an article in my local paper about babies (now 6-year-olds) who were born on 9/11/01. The article made me tear up a little, not because of what happened in 9/11 but because of the thought that these kids were literally born on the day when our country lost its innocence.

But then goes off the rails:

They’ll never know, as I did, what it was like to travel around the world and be appreciated, rather than criticized, because you’re an American; they’ll never know what it is to travel by air or even enter the public library without a hyper-vigilant security guard scrutinizing you; they may never know a society where our Arab, Muslim, and even Sikh brothers and sisters are welcomed as fellow Americans instead of looked upon with hostility and mistrust.

Oh, boohoohoo, it's so awful that we have to be scrutinized by security guards at the airport! Note that she does not blame the hijackers for this; instead she seems to think it's an irrational reaction based on fear and prejudice:

This wasn’t caused by 9/11, but by our reaction to it; as a child I was often told that I could not choose how other people treat me, but I could choose how I react to them. The U.S. has behaved a schoolyard bully who’s been pranked by a nobody from the other side of the tracks and reacts by beating up the nobody’s friends and family.

Ah, that's what 9-11 was; just a prank! No doubt Ashton Kutcher is about to step out from behind a nearby tree to say, "Punk'd!"

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