Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Reverend Rich Lang in Seattle

The Seattle troofers have been becoming more prominent. In this short clip one of their more prominent members, the Reverend Rich Lang of Trinity United Methodist Church calls the administration the "Whores of Babylon" among other things.


At 18 September, 2007 13:12, Blogger 911_truthiness said...

Ah Yes.... Mix religion with conspiracy theorist and you has the perfect storm of idiocy.

God said 9/11 Was an Inside Job


At 03 May, 2011 11:10, Anonymous Anonymous said...

tThe Reverend didn't say anything about 9/11 or any other type of conspiracy. that Rove and party bought and influenced various Pentecostal ministries is documented fact.

cheers to comment filtering and political framing :p


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