Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tased Florida Student Was Troofer

I assume you've all seen the video of this. According to Alex Jones (always reliable!), Andrew Meyer, the screaming student, was a 9-11 fruitcake.

Another detail left out of press reports is Meyer's political affiliation - he is not a Neo-Con who was attempting to put John Kerry on the spot as Fox News has tried to portray - he was a 9/11 truther. Meyer links to the 9/11 Mysteries documentary from the home page of his website.

Actually the movie he links to appears to be Zeitgeist, but the point remains the same.

More video here, including his claims that "They are going to try and kill me!"

Update: Some writing samples here. Oh, the irony, get this part from a column he wrote about a ranting preacher on campus:

I, along with dozens of other unwitting passers-by, was witness to a peculiar trend over the summer. Every other day or so at Turlington Hall, the students just let out of class, myself included, were privy to the preaching of a young man standing in the middle of the square, telling us all about the glory of Jesus Christ at the top of his lungs. Pretty much everyone just went about their business, albeit somewhat bemused, and ignored what he had to say.

Me, I was searching for his soapbox. But the purpose of this column isn't to comment on his message. I'm not even going to complain that someone else was trying to impose his own religious beliefs on me. No, the problem I have is with the man's methods. Obviously, he wants to spread the word about this Jesus fellow, in case some of us hadn't already heard about him. But our friend the preacher couldn't find a better way of speaking to the masses than doing literally just that - addressing all of the college students on their way to lunch?

Update: This video shows a little better his continuing resistance at the back of the theatre, even after the cops had wrestled him to the ground:

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