Friday, September 28, 2007

This Made My Day!

One of the founders of the University of Albany's 9-11 Truth Group steps down:

My "change of heart" didn't happen overnight. This has been a process that has been eating away at me for the past month and a half. I wanted to act strategically as far as "coming out" as a means to perhaps transition the 9/11 Truth group on campus to one that was less focused on strictly 9/11-related issues (aka more truthful ones). However, I was exposed to something that truly angered me deep down in the wee hours of this morning, which I'll get to later. I was so outraged that I can no longer keep my mouth shut.

For whatever reasons at the time, I no-showed the 8/11 truth action our group was doing in Albany. Instead, I watched a movie called Screw Loose Change. I expected it to point out a few corrections in some minor details of the film. To my surprise, it contested just about every claim in the entire movie. I was a bit shocked.

I was a true believer of all this controlled demolition nonsense for a time. I never cared about the physics or the claims of pseudo-"experts." What always did it for me was the fact that there was never a decent response to any of these questions by the government. Even the hit pieces you'd see on 9/11 were always personal attacks. The mainstream never contested the actual "facts" movies like Loose Change presented.

Or so it seemed. After watching Screw Loose Change, I delved into the world of 9/11 Truth debunking. Among my favorites are the Screw Loose Change Blog and 9/11 Myths Finally, someone was answered all these pertinent questions with something that was a bit foreign to me... facts agreed upon by the experts.

Kudos to Mikey! As I mentioned in a comment, this has got to be a very tough decision to make, given the amount of time and credibility he's invested in the Movement. But the smartest people in the world make mistakes; like Mikey, they acknowledge them and move on.

I am going to have a smile on my face all day from this. Kudos to Markyx who started the process of change, and The Doc, whose Screw 9-11 Mysteries was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Hat Tips: SLC-Myspace and Bjorn Tolouse at JREF.