Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Troofer Wars: Dylan Avery vs. William Rodriguez

The splits in the troofer ranks continues, this time in this incredible thread on the Loose Change Forum, where Dylan Avery blames William Rodriguez for the Mark Cuban theater deal falling through.

Mark Cuban and Charlie Sheen

Nobody was supposed to know about that until the time was right. Thanks to William Rodriguez telling the NY Post all about it, the deal with Cuban was sunk within a week, and Charlie still hasn't gotten back to us with feedback on the cut we sent him. He just got syndication of Two and a Half Men, so maybe that's what's more important. It's his life, not mine.

Rodriguez then responds saying that it was not his fault, and that he would have appeared in Loose Change: The Final Cut, but Dylan would not share the money. Apparently Rodriguez was even trying to sell the testimony of other witnesses for money. Amazing.

I did know about Charlie Sheen because they told me as they did many other people in the conference, in fact by the end of the conference, everyone was talking about it. Specially very impressed girls that were there. Cuban? I did not know who he was or that he was involved at all. The first time I heard his name was on the post article, never even followed sports before-except for boxing . Now I gather you are either Jason or Korey - because you have been quiet since april-so I will address this directly. You were bragging about the money and budget to "certain" people. I was very happy for all of you and even facilitated many interviews. In my case, I told them ( you ) that if this was going to be a movie release and not an internet effort, the rules of the game changes and that I, my organization should be compensated, in exchange I will give you the rights to the testimony and also unique exclusive videos of my 20 years working on the Towers. Finally, access to many of the eyewitnesses that are waiting to testify that were never interviewed before. Not a bad deal, isn't? I helped broker your interview with April Gallup asking you to set up some kind of Scholarship or help fund for her as well. You agreed. I had the calls from Erick still saved talking about the need for the interview and agreement on basic terms. we also agreed that a porcentage of the proceeds should go to help first responders. Very loable.

So why would I kill a project like this???!!!

Absolutely not.I even gave him Dylan peak of interviews coming up.

Once again, it's all about the money.

Also William Rodriguez comments on this thread on JREF, which is well worth checking out.

Update: The forum administrators have deleted the original thread, but luckily I saved it. Here is a screen capture of the original comment that started this drama.

Ironically, someone started a thread to ask about the original thread's disappearance, and an administrator closed that one. And they call us fascists.

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