Wednesday, October 03, 2007

America's Stupidest Professor

I was not too impressed when I first read this article by Rutgers psychology professor Barry R. Komisaruk:

#1: In fact, no commercial jetliner debris - no engines, tail section, luggage, bodies, are visible in photos of the Pentagon just after whatever collided with it. Why has no film of any collision with the Pentagon ever been shown to the public despite the existence of all the Pentagon's surveillance cameras? Contrast that absence with the unendingly repeated films shown of the planes hitting the twin towers.

#2: The Pentagon is protected by surface-to-air missiles. Why were they not deployed to shoot down whatever it was that hit the building?

But when I came across this follow-up article, I realized that he made David Ray Griffin look like a Pulitzer Prize winning historian by comparison.

The eyewitness reports of "an American Airlines Boeing 757" as it approached the Pentagon are matched by an equal number of eyewitness accounts that it was a missile that hit the Pentagon.

The number of eyewitnesses who saw a plane hit the Pentagon numbers easily over 100, and this is just the people to managed to get mentioned in the media. The number of people who report seeing a missile (or anything else for that matter) is much easier to count.


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