Saturday, October 27, 2007

Clinton Reactions

Check out the comments section on this post over at the Huffpo; there are over 1,500 comments so far, many of them from the fruitcakes repeating the same nonsense about Marvin Bush and the size of the hole in the Pentagon.

And predictably, one Troofer's already claiming that Bill's really on their side:

He knows it was an inside job.
So then what to do ?
Clinton is also intelligent enough to know that he simply cannot come out and say that "911 Was an inside job".
He knows this.
Therefore he does the next best thing.
In fact, the ONLY thing he can do.
That is: He will address the topic seemingly "wholeheartedly" as he did above, he will purposely act sheepish, flustered during this question.
All this for one simple reason.
It is the only manner in which he can reveal to the US public that 911 was an inside job.

How long before he's listed at "Patriots Question 9-11?"