Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Griffin Questions Tom Burnett's Choice, Insults Other Callers

Now this is really offensive stuff from the supposed kindly old man of 9-11 "Truth".

He is right to say that this would have been a stupid thing for the fake Tom to have said. But evidently lots of stupid things were said by those making the calls. For example, the person who called Mark Bingham’s mother reportedly said: “Mom, this is Mark Bingham.”[14] Have any of us, even in the most stressful situations, identified ourselves to our own mothers by using our last name? With regard to the person who was supposedly Tom Burnett: In his fourth call, Deena Burnett tells him that their kids are asking to talk to him, but “Tom” replies: “Tell them I’ll talk to them later.”[15] This was after he had told her that he had realized that the hijackers were on a suicide mission, planning to “crash this plane into the ground,” so that he and others had decided they must try to gain control of the plane as soon as they are “over a rural area.” And the hijackers had already killed one person, “Tom” had reported. So if this was the real Tom Burnett, he knew that there was a good chance that he would die in the next few minutes, one way or the other. And yet, rather than taking this probably last opportunity to speak to his children, he told his wife to say that he would “talk to them later.”

Hey, you know what, David? Screw you! Questioning Tom Burnett's decision not to talk to his children when he is in the middle of the most stressful situation in his life is patently offensive. This is not freaking Hollywood where he had plenty of time to say goodbye, he was about to risk his life to save it. How dare you question that decision?

Tom Burnett is a national hero.

David Ray Griffin is a national disgrace.

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