Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Cut That Never Was

They are all excited over at 911 Blogger regarding Steven Jones, who in his secret lab discovered that particles of metal from the Truthburn art project are "similar" to particles of metal recovered from World Trade Center debris. Well, similar in the same sense that tiny round pieces of metal are all similar to each other...

I was most amused by this characterization though (emphasis mine):

A short video of the reaction that produced these samples can be found at ttp://911truthburn.blogspot.com The TruthBurn art event was a memorial to all 911 victims, an attempt to demonstrate the steel cutting powers of thermite, its probable use in the controlled demolition of all 3 WTC buildings and to foster more discussion on the important work of ae911truth.The sign is now having a second life as a magnet for 911 Truth ideas. We are open to outstanding ideas for its use.

Yes, the event was "an attempt" to demonstrate the steel cutting powers of thermite, it was in fact, an unsuccessful attempt. No steel was ever cut, it was just a fireworks display, according to their own blog.

As mentioned below, we made what I believe was a safe and smart decision not to place our thermite cutter charges on the sign itself, rather ignite them beneath the sign on a hunk of steel we obtained from another artist.


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