Thursday, October 04, 2007

Is Jones Aligning Himself With Tarpley? Or Just Careless?

I don't see how Steven Jones could miss the significance of his latest publication in the Journal of Nine-Eleven Studies (aka JONES), but maybe it's just a simple mistake.

He posts over at 9-11 Blogger a comment encouraging everybody to check out the latest "peer-reviewed" article at JONES. But guess who plays a starring role in the new article, as both a cited and uncited source?

Yep. Cited in the text:

And cited in the footnotes:

And don't kid yourselves; the supposed "New Hampshire Gazette" breaking of the Bush/Nazi connection is just Tarpley again, as the NHG story makes clear:

So it certainly seems like Steven Jones has chosen to side with his GGGGGG-eneration and the LaRouche Kooks against the hip newcomers at 9-11 Blogger and TruthAction.

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