Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Kevin Barrett, Judy Wood, and Friends

I am not sure how much more of this I can do. First I watched Alex Jones' Endgame last week, now I listened to this interview of Judy Wood and Attorney Jerry Leaphart on Kevin Barrett's radio show. My brain hasn't taken that kind of abuse since that week of partying after finals that one year in college...

Idiocy is abundant in this interview. If anyone else is actually stupid enough to listen to the entire two hours (minus commercials) you can hear all sorts of inanities, like Judy Wood saying we need to look at all the "datas" (I am not kidding, I listened to it 4 times to make sure I was hearing it right). At the very end, a caller phones in to say that we need to look at "pro bono", who benefited from the 9/11 attacks....

But in my normal tradition I have to cite at least one quote from this idiocy-fest, at least to provide the potential for a nominee for a Stundie on JREF (I know, I will never beat clunkity-clunk). This week's idiot is Jerry Leaphart, who unbelievably makes Judy Wood look like the intelligent one, while discussing why the rubble pile at ground zero was not high enough.

And then the conventional wisdom also seeks to implant the idea that the sub-basement was so damaged and so filled with debris, and since the sub-basement was 6 levels that lo and behold, and voila, you have your 12 story rubble pile. But you know, even in making the assumptions in the light that is most favorable to the conventional wisdom in my view it still fails. Because the underlying assumption that the piles should be 12 stories tall only applies in the instance where you assume there was one tower. Hello, there were two 110 story towers there! Therefore, you should have two separate 12 story, or 6 story piles, but more likely, since the buildings were so close one to the other, you should really have a 20 story high rubble pile.

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