Monday, October 15, 2007

Kevin Barrett Stalker Site Now Up

As Hang 'em High Kev promised a couple of weeks ago, he now has a site,, set up to get people to harass those that they accuse of crimes:

Each posting will include a summary of the evidence that the individual whose address has been posted has seriously abused his or her power over others, along with the home address and a call to nonviolently picket that address. While WHERETHEYLIVE.ORG will attempt to publish accurate information, we cannot guarantee against occasional mistakes. Posted power-abusers should be viewed as suspects who are considered innocent of specific crimes or cases of abuse until proven guilty—that is why we are shaming them nonviolently, rather than bringing in the law to lock them up. In many cases, these individuals should be charged with crimes, but cannot be due to pervasive power imbalances in the legal system. It is hoped that WHERETHEYLIVE.ORG will contribute to redressing these power imbalances, and gradually become less necessary than it is now.

Of course since no two truthers can agree on anything, they couldn't even get their kangaroo court grand jury to agree on indictments, I am sure their "evidence" will be iron clad.