Friday, October 19, 2007

Moron the Browns

Turns out the guy who introduced the marshals into the house was their number one fan, a guy who established this webpage for them. The account appears in this story:

"He swarmed us. I had the opportunity to stop Dutch, real quick and real brief. You know I'm really fast," Brown says in the recording. "I'm not going to hurt anybody, and I don't want to hurt anybody. On the same token, I let it go down and let it happen. But I did not expect this."

The call was recorded by Shaun Kranish, an Illinois supporter who started a Brown-devoted website and, according to Brown, was the one who introduced Dutch to the Browns. In the recording, Kranish says that he told prison officials he was part of Brown's legal team to place the call. (Ed Brown does not have a lawyer, because he believes all bar members are part of an international conspiracy to rob Americans of their freedoms.)

Yet another example of the Keystone Crooks nature of the Patriot movement. We talked earlier about how one of the We Are Change WACs, crashed their SUV while running errands for them. It's also reminiscent of Dylan's Secret Agent man trip to NEADS, which resulted in Korey's arrest for desertion.

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