Saturday, October 06, 2007

Scratch a 9-11 Troofer....

You'll find a Holocaust Denier underneath.

A controversial Holocaust-denial film is raising questions about free speech at Grassroots Television, an Aspen community-access station.

Steve Campbell, founder of Citizens for 9/11 Truth, asked the station to air “Judea Declares War on Germany: A Critical Look at World War II” on Monday, but Grassroots board members stopped the screening.

The one-hour program features Dr. Frederick Töben, an Australian national and member of the Adelaide Institute, an organization that denies that the Holocaust happened.
“This film is offensive not only to Jews in the world but to any sensible person,” said Grassroots Executive Director John Masters.

Apparently from earlier articles, Campbell has gotten away with movies about how the Zionists did 9-11; it was only when he got into Holocaust Denial that he got into trouble with the Grassroots Fruitloops.

The videos have raised complaints from some who call them anti-Semitic, and Campbell is outspoken in his views.

"I think this was all planned way in advance," he said, "and of course our government is largely controlled by the Zionists and the oil interests, and those two elements are pivotal in the carrying out of 9/11."

He blames a mainstream media "largely controlled by Jewish interests," for failing to question government accounts.

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