Friday, October 05, 2007

McKinney's Tucson "Truth"

She mostly talks about how Bush and Cheney didn't want an investigation. Undeniably, the highlight comes with about 2:40 remaining when she talks about how the failure to prevent 9-11 was in her mind, an impeachable offense, and that she "hand-drew" up articles of impeachment, but her mother talked her out of it. "Leave it alone, Cynthia, because they will kill you."

This speech is apparently given to a bunch of Greens, but the "Truther" stuff seems to get the most applause.

In this second segment she gets into a discussion of the mainstream media and somehow uses a Wizard of Oz allegory. She talks about the New York Times taking money to run an ad by Mike Ruppert, but then refusing to run it because she couldn't prove we were in Oz. Or something:

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