Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Soldier Kook Story Bound to Get Some Play

This is a very interesting story:

According to unnamed military sources contacted by The Iconoclast, SFC Buswell "used his Government issued email account to send messages disloyal to the United States …" Because of these statements, SFC Buswell could soon find himself dishonorably discharged, court martialed, or worse.

The content of those emails is discussed later, including this:

I say Occums (sic) razor is the best way to deduce this ‘day of infamy’; if you weigh all options, do some simple studying you will see 911 was clearly not executed by some arabs in caves with cell phones and 3 day old newspapers! I mean how are Arabs benefiting from pulling off 911? They have more war, more death and dismal conditions, so, how did 911 benefit them? Answer: It didn’t. So, who benefited from 9-11? The answer is sad, but simple; The Military Industial [sic] Complex.

It’s not a paranoid conspiracy to think there are conspiracies out there...and, it’s not Liberal Lunacy either, nor is it Conservative Kookiness! People, fellow citizens we’ve been had! We must demand a new independent investigation into 911 and look at all options of that day, and all plausabilities [sic], even the most incredulous theories must be examined.

Lord only knows what he means by "cellphones and 3 day old newspapers". I'll leave the discussion of whether he should be disciplined to those with military experience; certainly I anticipate that he will become something of a cause celebre among the kooks. I can absolutely understand why the military doesn't want him anymore.

Hat Tip: Colossus of Rhodey, who has some interesting thoughts on the matter.

Update: Yeah, the actual article is a year old; the blog post is as of today which is why I picked up on it. Not sure if there's really anything new here.

Update II: Apparently there has been a resolution.

For voicing those opinions in an e-mail to 38 people on the San Antonio Army base, Buswell was stripped of his security clearance, fired from his job, demoted, and ordered to undergo a mental health exam.

(He was also ordered not to speak with the press. Information for this story came from documents, conversations with Buswell’s family members and friends, and sources within Fifth Army who asked not to be named.)

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