Tuesday, October 09, 2007

What Is Disinformation?

This is freaking hilarious.

Disinformation is:

* Repeating the same factual claims over and over even when people have proven that such claims are contrary to the evidence (for example, the claim that no planes hit the Twin Towers)

Or, you know, that controlled demolition brought down the towers. Or that Flight 77 didn't hit the Pentagon. Or that Flight 93 landed in Cleveland or was shot down over Shanksville.

* Unnecessarily alienating large sections of the population by attacking victims' families, certain religious or ethnic groups, or political parties with no reason

Yes! Now, how many firemen have to be lying about WTC-7?

* Making knowingly false statements about someone

Like Wally Miller? Or Benjamin Chertoff? Or Larry Silverstein?

George Washington is right; the entire 9-11 "Truth" Movement is disinformation. Matt and Trey pegged it!