Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Ya Say Ya Wanna Revolution...

My prediction that the We Are Changer WACs would turn out to be this generation's Weather Underground appears to be proving true. Over at their forums:

As much as all of us would like to make changes peacefully, the rich are just too stubborn. They will take our words and our signs and merely turn their heads. The police will escort us out of buildings. The rich will giggle. Bloodshed seems the only way to open their eyes. An assassination will definitely make them aware that people give a sh*t. It will prove that people are willing to risk their own lives and freedom for that of their fellow men, but this time, its for our people, not our government. F*ck the yuppies. Open your eyes. I'm surprised no one has taken a shot at Bush yet. I figured it would have happened shortly after his re-election. Point is, in this ignorant age, words don't make change. Let's blow sh*t up.

Oh I definitely agree, war without intelligence is useless. I was just trying to exaggerate to get my point across. Words don't work. Force needs to be taken. But yes, force with intelligence, not brute force. A lot of planning needs to go into our revolution. I feel that it needs to start with an assassination, but we need to be able to put up a fight against retaliation, and for that we need a sizeable militia.

Knowing the police and the way things are run in the country, especially around Washington, peaceful intentions don't always make peaceful situations. If I were to be part of a peaceful march on Washington, I would come armed...

And he even comes up with the "get back to the land" crap that the 1960s hippies professed to believe (before they grew up, cut their hair and got jobs):

Maybe we should all go back to our primal roots. Eat. Sleep. F*ck. Isn't that what nature intended? Wouldn't life be so much simpler if that was all we had to worry about?


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