Monday, November 26, 2007

As Requested, Smackdown of Nico Haupt

In response to this:

Earlier this week, as others have noted, Nico Haupt went beyond the pale, stalking 911 activist Richard Gage with a heavy dose of homophobia. No word of denouncement has been heard from either Screw Loose Change, where Nico posts are greeted like Moses' Tablets from Mount Sinai, or 911Researchers, a site run by Richard Seigel that promotes Nico Haupt's no-planes, TV-fakery garbage.

The post refers to Nico's "9-11 Stalker TV" show, which is linked from the above post. Nico talks about "Josephus" Cressy and Richard "Gay-ge" and other "perverts" in the movement. I'm virtually positive that the claim that Jo (Jenny Sparks) Cressy is a transgendered person is nonsense, I don't have a clue as to Richard Gage's sexual orientation, and even if Nico were right on both scores, that wouldn't make either of them a "pervert" in my book.

So here's a raspberry to Nico for indulging himself in these homophobic slurs, and another one to Jenny who has employed the same tactics.

Hat Tip: To an emailer whose email I lost. Thanks!

Update: Link removed to original post. What a shock, the original poster after chiding Nico for homophobia turns around and engages in it himself. These people really are retards.

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