Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Has It Only Been Five Years?

Thanks to Lorelle for this comment regarding our blog at the Blog Herald:

However, not all blogs which create or deal in conspiracies give bloggers a bad name. Some blogs start with a conspiracy theory and then evolve with the theory and the fame. Screw Loose Change started out to “dispel the lies, distortions, and myths in the movie, Loose Change,” a conspiracy movie about 9/11. In the past five years, it has grown into an expert blog, cited by many news articles and reports, as a source for debunking the movie and 9/11 conspiracy theories that keep developing.


It looks like this is part of a series on conspiracy theories. Here Lorelle talks about the money side of the CT business.

Last year, Sam Vaknin Ph.D. wrote in “The Economics of Conspiracy Theories” on the American Chronicle that many are profiting from conspiracy theories, writing books, selling magazines and television shows, even movies, becoming a celebrity for their conspiracy plots as the source or participant. In and of itself, the business of making money with conspiracies might be a conspiracy in itself: