Sunday, November 04, 2007

They're Getting the Band Back Together!

Kevin Barrett comes up with an interesting idea; why not use his radio show to bring back the 9-11 crackpots from the past. Recently he had on the former 9-11 Truth Candidate for President in 2004. Yesterday he got one of the true superstars of 2003, Karl (Nanotubes) Schwarz. Karl is in Europe, negotiating a location for his new carbon nanotube plant.

Not surprisingly, Karl cites the oil and gas pipeline across Afghanistan as the reason the US had to go to war with the Taliban. But Karl is a little savvier than your average Troofer; knowing that it has not been built, he thinks the USA started the war to stop the pipeline.

Karl reveals that the Port Authority filed suit in New Jersey (those devious bastards!) instead of New York for one BILLION dollars for asbestos abatement. Karl claims he knew an architect who had drawn up plans to build steel scaffolding around the WTC to do the asbestos abatement job, but when the costs came back at $5.8 BILLION dollars, they shelved the plans. I think James has covered this bit in the past, but it's breathtakingly stupid. For starters, they don't remove the asbestos these days (Barrett claims they scrape it off), they tend to leave it alone unless it's crumbling, in which they encapsulate it in spray-on plastic. And the idea that anybody would erect 110 stories of scaffolding... that's just retarded.

It gets even crazier as Karl goes into his spiel about galvanic corrosion between the aluminum cladding and the steel columns, which he claims is somewhat like osteoporosis, "where the steel loses its flexibility properties." Even Barrett doesn't fall for that one, noting that corrosion might result in (at worst) bits of the aluminum cladding falling off in high winds. Karl reminds Kevin that he's "talking as an architect" and claims to have designed high-rise buildings "before I got tired of that".

A caller from Canada gets on and wants to know what evidence there is that Arab hijackers got on the planes. Karl goes with the old "eight of the hijackers are alive" bit.

Kevin asks Karl about who "they" are. At first Karl is a bit coy, mentioning multinational companies like Chevron, Halliburton, Lockheed and Boeing, but then he gets onto reminiscing on his (fantasy) days at the RNC.


See, I was with the RNC. I was in their offices many times a week from 1990 up to 1994. And I was there when they actually cut a deal with the DNC, Zionist Jew Communists to let them have their war party that the DNC would not let them have. The reason they did that was that they wanted the Jewish money and the Jewish votes to win elections, and I told them they were out of their damn minds and in fact Pat Buchanan walked out about three months after I did.

Karl helpfully explains a bit later that Zionist Jew Communists are currently referred to as neocons. They have a little disagreement over all three parts of that definition, with Kevin actually reasonably noting that Zionists are just people who favor the Jewish homeland. But this is Barrett after all; he follows that up by saying that he's anti-Zionist himself.

I did not listen to the second hour of the show.

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