Saturday, December 22, 2007

Are You Sure They're Not Poker Chips?

I like that he mentions he's know about this since July but this is the first he's talked about them publicly.

I'm certainly not qualified to discuss the chemical signature, but there's an interesting discussion going on at the JREF forums. I'll defer to Dr Greening (Apollo 20) and Crazy Chainsaw, who know quite a bit more than I about this information.

1.When is Prof. Jones going to publish his X-ray spectra so we can all take a closer look at them? Just flashing them up on a slide at a talk is of no real use!

2. So these chips contain Fe, Al, K, Si, and O..... What happened to the S that was so important last time around? And since when is Si an ingredient of thermite/thermate?


You need to take a look at Volume III of the famous "Particle Atlas" by Walter McCrone. This provides scanning electron micrographs and EDX spectra for thousands of common materials. The section from pages 760 - 780 is most interesting since it shows flyash microspheres from large domestic waste incinerators burning paper, wood and plastics as well as flyash from coal-fired furnaces. The EDX spectra show major peaks from Al, Si, K, Ca, and Fe together with smaller peaks from Ti, S and Cl.

Jones' spectra are a perfect match for FLY ASH!