Friday, December 21, 2007

Kos Does It Again

Another Truther Diary, no "Troll Diary" tags yet.

Make no mistake, the 9/11 truth movement holds the future of the United States. We are not subversive "conspiracy theorists" or enablers of foreign terrorism. We are patriotic warriors working to nullify group delusion produced by government propaganda. Dozens of books and websites reveal countless technical contradictions and inconsistencies with the official government 9/11 story and the laws of physics. The weight of the evidence supports one painful verdict: Our federal government played a role, probably through a large "black op." The "why" is obvious: To justify an unjust war to serve corporate interests and greed.

The commenters all seem to sense this is coming, but so far it has not happened. There are many statements that Hirschhorn has been banned, but I see no sign of that; his diary page still exists. Get on the stick, folks!

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