Saturday, December 15, 2007

Umberto Eco on the Truthers

Sounds like he's not impressed by the "what are the odds" arguments:

Since I believe that our world came into existence by chance, I have no trouble arguing that chance — or a concurrence of various idiocies — lies behind most events. My innate scepticism and caution prompt me to doubt the existence of any alleged plot because I believe that my fellow man is too stupid to conceive a perfect one. And I say this even though I’m inclined to believe that Bush and his administration are capable of anything.

I refer to what I would define as the “proof of silence”. For example, there are those who insinuate that the American moon landing was a televised fake. But there were people checking up on this — in this case, the Soviet Union — who had an interest in speaking out if the American spaceship had not landed on the moon. The Soviets kept quiet, so there’s your proof that the Americans really did go to the moon. And that’s that.

Hat tip: JREF forum member Alferd Packer.

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