Thursday, December 13, 2007

Kevin Barrett and Richard Gage

I have always considered Richard Gage to be one of the more bland members of the 9/11 denial movement, if only because he presents this incredibly boring, long-winded, and unoriginal representation of truther views. After listening to him talk with Kevin Barrett though, it is clear he is as fruit loopy as Kevin Barrett, if not as bizarrely entertaining.

I really don't know where to start, this whole interview is so full of mind-numbingly bad science and logic, it is hard to point out anything particular. It is apparent that Gage is one of the world's lamest arguments to authority, as he presents little more than "This couldn't have happened, because I am an architect and I don't think it could have". For some reason I get the impression that this whole thing is an ego trip for his otherwise uneventful life drawing up plans for high school gyms.

In any case, I finally came up with a few gems, from 7 minutes in:

Barrett: That leads to a question that I want to ask a credentialed person, and you’re the nearest credentialed person right not (laughter). When to the so called debunkers try to tell us, well building 7 had been damaged and so on. They expected it to collapse because it had been so damaged. But yet they didn’t clear the whole area. Wouldn’t if they were expecting some kind of accidental collapse, which of course had never happened in history (laughter), but assuming that they were, wouldn’t they assume it would topple sideways and wouldn’t they clear out a very large area?

Gage: Well I am not sure how big the area was, I think it was fairly large. I don’t think it was 47 stories large, that is a great point!

Actually there are numerous accounts of first responders being pulled back. What do you think this whole Larry Silverstein pull it comment is? Mark Roberts has categorized numerous accounts here.

Q: You were still there?

A: Yes, so basically they measured out how far the building was going to come, so we knew exactly where we could stand.

Q: So they just put you in a safe area, safe enough for when that building came down?

A: 5 blocks. 5 blocks away. We still could see. Exactly right on point, the cloud just stopped right there. Then when that building was coming down, that same rumbling.

And yes, 5 blocks is more than 47 stories.

More later...

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