Friday, January 25, 2008

Barrett Picks Up A Supporter

A fruitcake "Truther" himself:

Without going into details easily found on the Internet, a considerable army of architects, engineers, physicists, logicians, commercial and military pilots, first responders, military figures all the way to general officer, and government personnel including FBI and CIA agents has amassed a solid case countering the official story. That army is all the greater for the addition of similar experts from countries all over the world.

As it happens I am reading about that "general officer" right now, Major General Albert Stubblebine III in Jon Ronson's book, The Men Who Stare At Goats. Stubblebine's service is honorable, but he's something of a wack-job at the same time. In the early 1980s he began trying to walk through walls, by using his mind-power. He tried having psychics divine where Manuel Antonio Noriega was hiding during the invasion of Panama. He hoped to find soldiers who could stop an enemy's heart just by looking at him.

Fascinating stuff, and you know how it is; it doesn't hurt to try. But the notion that Stubblebine lends any credibility to the fruitcakes is quite a stretch.

The professor writing the letter, Bill Willers, is, of course, a structural engineer. Sorry, just kidding, he's a professor emeritus (retired) of biology. He's a fruitcake leftist himself. See if this bit from one of his posts at OpEd News reminds you of anything:

After an early debate, when a national poll revealed that viewers considered him the winner, mainstream media declared him "unelectable" and began to ignore him completely. Nevertheless, he has won polls by ABC, MSNBC, CSPAN, Democracy For America, the John Edwards Campaign (!) and every online poll I'm aware of that would attract progressive democrats and independents.

Nope, he's not talking about Ron Paul, he's talking about Dennis Kucinich. Bill's also a sculptor and painter. While not without some talent, he's a hack when it comes to themes as you can see here:

Ann Althouse replies here.

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