Thursday, March 27, 2008

9/11 Troof Hijacked

A 9/11 conspiracy nutbar blog takes on the WalMart video that we posted recently:

In my mind, this is immature behaviour which thoroughly discredits the honest, hard and very serious work that others have done / are doing (not just activists, but the scholars and academics, professional people and show business personalities, etc who are speaking out about 9/11) and feeds the MSM slander and derision machinery regarding 9/11 Truth. Moreover, it is likely annoying to the public and the innocent employees at the store, and likely to put people off to our message, not attract them or win their curiosity.

This latest "un-dynamic duo" takes Walmarting one step further however, in their (IMHO) moronic video. Did you see it? While driving in their car to the store, you will notice a hand grenade (or model of a grenade) hanging from the rear view mirror. This is exactly what we do not need when the US Gov't and their media hacks are trying to criminalize dissent and drafting legislation to brand us as terrorists.

While I agree that this is immature behavior, this is not a hijacking, this is your base. If you want a group of mature sober intellectuals, I suggest you take up a different cause.