Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dylan Updates

Looks like yesterday's post got his attention.

To Screw Loose Change, to Mark Roberts, to Maddox, to the creator of "Dylan Avery: Shut the Hell Up", to all those people who have sent me the most vicious, hateful language humanly possible ...

You don't know me, and you never will. Just because you've watched someone on Youtube does not mean you know them, their mindset, their environment or their intentions.

None of you worthless pricks have ever taken the chance to sit down and have a rational, mature conversation with me about who I am and why I do what I do. All you've done is spread hate and attack me in every imaginable way. Yeah, I said some stupid sh*t back in April, 2005, but I've also apologized for it and clarified what I meant several times. And I'm not about to apologize again to stroke your f*cking egos some more.

I don't need to know you to judge your work product. We've spent very little time here "attacking" you; most of our efforts have been directed at exposing the shoddy, dishonest nature of your film(s). According to several people I know who have met you, you're a reasonably nice guy. It's not about personalities.

As for me, I just finished shooting a music video for Dave Cahill. I plan on doing several more in the next few months. I'm moving from the East Coast to beautiful San Diego.

And I'm writing and directing my first feature film this year, thanks to interest and support from a major company that shall remain nameless at this point.

I know you'll have a hard time believing this, Dylan, but I wish you good luck.