Saturday, April 12, 2008

Dr. Judy for Justice

I got this e-mail on a truther mailing list, forwarded from another mailing list, including such esteemed truther figures as Kevin Ryan, Jim Fetzer and David Ray Griffin. It is a compilation of 9/11 conspiracy "evidence" from some woman who calls herself Dr. Judy for Justice with the title, "9/11 Scientific flyer in laymen's terms - comprehensive- effective". It is too long to reproduce completely here, e-mail me if you want a copy, but it was amusing enough in a mind-numbingly bizarre way to post a few key excerpts.

(3) An aluminum plane could not have gone thru 9 feet of concrete & 4 rows of 4-ft-square steel girders, but a replacement plane of depleted uranium, engineered by the dept. of defense, could, or bombs, or digital videos could have faked it. All of the videos of planes hitting are different, & the plane is always dark grey, while the rest of the picture is bright sunlight with all details & colors clearly visible. A helicopter is flying backwards in one video, demonstrating poor mixing in the fake plane video over the real NY skyline video. The nose of the plane is shown coming out another side is shown in some videos, & some show no explosion with the plane entering the building as if the building were made of soft butter.

I would just like to see someone get a depleted uranium (70% denser than lead) plane to fly!

(10) Squibs, an industry term for blasts flying out of the building below the level of the crash are seen in all films.

Squibs are an industry term for blasts flying out of the building below the level of the crash? Or does she just have an aversion to commas?

(11) Marvin Bush (brother) was head of security, & shut down security cameras 2 weeks before, & that is how long it would take to set the controlled demolition, & there were fire drills for two weeks before, which would have allowed the setting.

I am still trying to figure out how she came up with two weeks....

(12) The John Gotti, Jr. trial reported that the mafia was run out of a demolition company. They could have set the demolition, hired by Marvin Bush’s company, & paid for by the Pentagon to fulfill the “PNAC document*” clause that they “need a new Pearl Harbor in order to achieve world dominance & to reduce the world’s population to 500million.”(*Project for a New American Century,” written by Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Jeb Bush, GH Bush, Wm Kristol, et al).

Well at least she was nice enough to footnote it, so you can look up that

(18) The World Trade Centers were built in 1970-71, as an experimental controlled environment, with no windows. In 2001,the ventilators were old, & the vent ducts were filthy & clogged with mold, which made the towers unfit for breathing, & the situation was unfixable.

No windows? Quick, someone call Richard Gage!

(21) Major stock holders in the affected airlines dumped their stocks the day before 9/11 in tricky “put options”.

Wow, an MBA and a subscription to the Wall Street Journal, and I have still never heard this "trick".

The e-mail then ends with this bizarre footnote (phone number omitted):

Please copy & distribute this liberally. Please send money to support Judy distributing this. She has been politically black balled, persecuted, & out of a job. Do not send checks, except money orders, as her bank account was confiscated, & she was semi-indicted by homeland security. Her degree to diagnose & prescribe medicine was pulled with no charges of harm, neglect, breach of standards or ethics, nor of not meeting requirements, etc. Her house was confiscated, etc.

Judy Cunningham,RN,BSN,BA,MS(abd Ph.D.)