Thursday, April 03, 2008

Griffin and Barrett Suggest the Olsons Were in on It

From the same interview I mentioned earlier, sorry I can't take a full hour of these idiots in one sitting (well, 40 minutes without commercials). Remember, these are the people who claim they are doing this for the victims. From 53 minutes in:

Barrett: It is astounding that would be the reported cell phone call from flight 77, Ted Olson, is the Bush crime family top legal fixer, who argued them into their little coup d'etat in 2000. The odds against his Bushite rabid tv commentator being the one (laughter) person who gets through from flight 77 in the first place were pretty astounding in my opinion.

About a minute later:

Griffin: But then this German member of the 9/11 truth movement as I report, found out that American Airlines had no airphones on their 757s on 9/11 so he could not have possibly received a call from her from an airphone. So that throws us back to the cell phone possibility, but then when you look at the report from the FBI, and this is the most astounding thing, given the fact that the FBI is part of the Department of Justice, and Ted Olson had been the Department of Justice (laughter) Solicitor General, the FBI says Barbara Olson, one attempted call, unconnected, zero seconds. And yet Ted had told CNN and also told the FBI that she had made two calls to him, each one lasting maybe a minute, and they had these long conversations.

Barrett: That is so strange. When these kind of things happen in real life, people remember what happened, and yet Ted has told us stories that vary in some of the details and it turns out the FBI says he is lying.

Griffin: Yeah, and you know the only other alternative to his lying is that he was duped in the same way that Deena Burnett was. There are, there is the technology, there is the voice morphing where you could, it is so good now, that you can fool your spouse and there is also a device by which you can fake any phone number if you want to. So I am sure that is what happened to Deena Burnett, but it is possible that happened to Ted Olson, but given who he is, uhh (laughter) who he was it is probably a little more likely that he just made it up.

Barrett: Well that's what I would think.

The airfone on AA77 issue has already been covered. In fact at one time Griffin actually admitted he was wrong, although at the time his original source was a book by two Englishmen, and a troofer from Iceland was involved, not Germany:

My Error
I based my conclusion on conversations that Ian Henshall and Rowland Morgan had with American Airlines in 2004 while they were co-authoring book. In this book, 9/11 Revealed, they said: “A call by us to American Airlines’ London Office produced a definitive statement from Laeti Hyver that (AA’s) 757s do not have Airfones. This was confirmed by an email from AA in the US.” (2)

My mistake, like that of Henshall and Rowland before me, was to assume that the AA spokesperson and this website were talking about AA 757s as they had always been, not simply about 757s at the time of the query, in 2004.

But the latter was evidently the meaning. Elias Davidsson, an Icelandic member of the 9/11 truth movement, sent me a story from February 6, 2002, which said: “American Airlines will discontinue its AT&T in-flight phone service by March 31, a spokesman for the airline said Wednesday.” (5) Davidsson also reported a 1998 photograph of the inside of an AA 757 showing that it did have seat-back phones. (6)

Of course both Griffin and his cohorts at Pilots for 9/11 Truth have completely avoided addressing the maintenance manuals that we obtained, showing the phones were not removed until later.

So how about those "contradictions", Dave?

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