Monday, April 14, 2008

Idiotic Loose Change Forum Post o' the Day

I haven't paid much attention to the Loose Change Forum recently, but then again, judging by the posts, neither has anyone else. This post was amusingly idiotic enough to deserve mention though.

Hold on to your JOCK straps boys..; That number on SS card is a slave #

I called Social Security Office, they would not deny it. the gentelmen who assisted me, was real leary asthe response he got from his higher ups... and this call was recorded... so I think he might be termed because of my call.... sorry - I didn't do it...~!It appears that Jordan Maxwell - might be right on his research and if that is the case then we got bigger issues to deal with than 911... agreed...If we are Slaves that takes precidence over Justice.

Paranoia, lack of understanding of the concept of burden of proof, poor spelling and grammar, yup that is just about everything we have come to expect from the troofers.