Friday, April 25, 2008

Latest on the WAC-Jobs

No "Truth" to the rumor that this is their new banner:

Hat tip to JREFer mrbaracuda.

We Are Changing Diapers doesn't know when to bail:

The main stream media says Gary of WeAreCHANGE shouted obscenities at the 1st lady please feel free to watch the video of Gary expressing his freedom speech not cursing once then and at the end stating "get out of my face" to the guy who raised his fist at Gary the first time. Gary was asking the secret service and NYPD to help him and get this man away from him before he rammed his daughter with a wheel chair into him and beat him while Gary did not even defend himself. The secret service and NYPD ignored Gary's plea of help only arresting him after being pummeled and assaulted by a 6 foot 400 pound guy.

Yes, of course, you're being assaulted by Hulk Hogan's bigger brother, and he doesn't just do the flying dropkick on you by his lonesome, he whacks you with his daughter in the wheelchair. I saw it on RAW one time, dude! It totally makes sense, and America won't fail to believe it!

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