Thursday, April 03, 2008

Liberal Blog Bites on "Contradictions"

I don't know how important BlondeSense is, but it does have some impressive links from big-time liberal blogs and (more important) from significant skeptic blogs like Pharyngula and Pandagon. Today, BlondSense Liz links to a selection from David Ray Griffin's (who?) new book that discusses the supposed contradictions in Ted Olson's account of his wife Barbara's phone calls from doomed Flight 77.

There are a lot of readers who want more of these kinds of articles at this blog. This is for you. Commenter Mel Odious brought this one to my attention and it was also over at SOTT. And it's not to say that I don't read articles like the one below. I do. While I don't "believe" that 9/11 was an inside job, the events and how our government handled them are quite suspicious and perhaps more than a little too convenient. You decide. I haven't made up my mind yet.

SOTT, of course, is Ouija Board mystic and doomsday cult leader Laura Knight-Jadczyck's site.

This part of Griffin's book is particularly offensive. He questions why Ted Olson did not have his story straight on how his wife called him. At first he reported it was a cellphone call, then an Airfone call, and he didn't know whether she called with a credit card or called collect.

Now, of all the trivia that the Troofers focus on, this is the most ridiculous. Apparently they think Olson should have been grilling his wife in the minute or two that they were connected on how she got through to him, rather than asking questions about the hijackers. And if you really believe that the government was behind it (which BlondeSense Liz says she doesn't), then wouldn't they have their story straight?

And get this at the end:

Hmm. Where is Barbara Olson? Some say that her plane actually flew over the Pentagon and out into the sea. Some say it's in Ohio. Or maybe she's in hiding? But why? Why would he make up this stuff?

And some say she's smuggling Italian Lira along the Polish-Austria border. Jeez, being a blogger means taking responsibility for the stuff you decide to link to. This is total crap, and Liz says she doesn't believe it herself (which she then contradicts by saying she hasn't made up her mind). If you don't believe this stuff, Liz, you are doing a grave disservice to your readers by linking it.

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